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We are the Stichting Standbeeld Anton de Kom in Den Haag. Our founders are: Dr. Anne Marieke van der Wal-Rémy, Emma Nündel, and Makayla Bata de Albuquerque Freire. Dr. van der Wal-Rémy is an assistant professor in history at Leiden University. Emma Nündel is the 2020/2021 President, and Makayla Freire is the current President of the BASIS Africa Committee at Leiden University. Our team consists of more members, including also Nadia Ndiaye, the first President of the BASIS Africa Committee 2019/2020, Robin Breedeveld, the former Vice President of the committee, and Charlotte Rapp, the former Secretary of the committee. While many of the BASIS Africa Committee Members are engaged in this foundation, these are two separate entities. 

We are based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Our aim is to erect a statue of Anton de Kom in The Hague and raise awareness about his work and activism. Once the statue is set up, we will dissolve the foundation. Our work is voluntary and therefore none of the donations we receive will go to compensating our work, solely to financing the statue.