Frequently Asked Questions

Any confusion? Let us explain!

What is the aim of the foundation? Why do we need a statue of Anton de Kom in The Hague?

Anton de Kom already has a monument in Amsterdam - so why does he need one in The Hague? Anton de Kom lived and worked in The Hague but is not represented in the physical sphere of the city. We believe it is important to include Anton de Kom and his incredibly important anti-colonialist and anti-fascist work in the city that he spent most of his life in The Netherlands in.

Where will the statue be located? Why was this place chosen?

We would like to have the statue be located in Bezuidenhout, the part of the city where Anton de Kom lived during his lifetime. However, we are not yet at the point to say where the statue would potentially be placed, as this is to a large part up to the municipality of The Hague. Once we know, we will update the information on this page.

Who will build the statue? What will it look like (size, material, etc.)?

This is an important question, but not possible to be answered yet, as this is also not necessarily up for us to decide. We are waiting for more information from the municipality of The Hague and will update the information here once we know more.

How much money will it cost?

STROOM estimated a similar project as ours to have costed around 250 000€ - however, this is based on a statue that was much larger than the one we are planning. Additionally, it is possible that the municipality will contribute a share of the cost to the project.

How long will the implementation of the project take?

This depends on your donations! The faster we are to collect the necessary funds, the faster we can implement our project. A comparable project took around two years.

Is the Anton de Kom Foundation aware of your plans and do they agree with you?

Short Answer: Yes, we are in touch with the Anton de Kom Foundation and have gotten their approval for our foundation and project. Longer Answer: You might be wondering why the Anton de Kom Foundation is not working on this project, as they are the organization set up by Anton de Kom's family and already handle many matters related to his legacy. However, Anton de Kom already has a monument in Amsterdam and starting a project such as ours requires too many resources for the Anton de Kom Foundation to handle at the moment. They were happy to delegate this project to us. We keep in touch with them to update them on our events and progress on this endeavor.

Is the project approved by the city?

We are working on this! We cannot say so far, but we will let you know as soon as we know.

Will there be administrative costs or will 100 percent of the donations go towards the erection of the statue?

There are some administrative costs - we hope to cover the fee to set up our foundation and to run this website with your donations. At the moment, these costs add up to around 350€. But our work is voluntary and none of the money of the donations is going to pay for our work.

Will I receive a donation receipt? Are the donations tax deductible?

Yes, we can send you a donation receipt. In the Netherlands, you have to donate at least 70€ in order for your donation to be deductible from taxes. Regarding other countries, please make yourself familiar with the tax laws relevant to you.