Keti Koti
as national holiday

Systems of slavery have profoundly shaped human history, including Dutch history, and have left indelible traces on societies in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Commemorating the historical facts and the long term legacies of these systems of exploitation, through a national holiday, will help today's society to reflect more profoundly on continuing forms of inequality and to be wary of modern forms of exploitation. The 4th of May calls on Dutch society to commemorate and critically engage with the trauma of warfare and genocide.


Similar to Remembrance Day, Keti Koti on the 1st of July as a national holiday to commemorate slavery will present an opportunity for our current society to reflect on our shared history and question our contemporary practices (of exploitation?), as well as provide a sphere of recognition for members of Dutch society whose past has not yet received enough space in the official national narratives.